DJ’s Launches New Website

Wow! Unbelievable. Amazing. Incredible. A Marvel to behold!

Yes, folks, those were just some of the opinionated opinions from at least 3 people who have seen the pre-release of the DJ’s new site. The site will be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida into Cyberspace. We know, many people launch their sites with much less fanfare, but DJ’s is going for the big blast and we felt a rocket launch would give us the firepower we need to get this thing off the ground!

The new site will be be THE DESTINATION for all things Beef & Chicken … as well as Pork, Seafood, and some seaweed from time to time (usually after a seaweed excursion to the SF Bay area in California).

Features of the new site will include:

New info

Old Info

Interesting facts

Interesting facts we made up

Pretty much anything we can say to get you to come back for more.