Alabama's Choice for Prime Cuts

chicken1The king of Cluck’s would be proud. All of DJ’s chicken is hormone free and raised in humane approved facilities.

1. Chicken is more economical than other meats, making it a lower-priced menu item in most restaurants.
2. Wholesale chicken is versatile meat, making it more receptive to subtle flavoring and spices.
3. Chicken can be served in numerous ways – fried, baked, grilled, roasted, poached, sautéed, microwaved or barbequed.
4. Chicken served without the skin is carb-free.
5. Chicken served without the skin is virtually fat-free.
6. A 3oz portion of chicken has an average of 24 grams of protein.
7. Chicken has less cholesterol than beef or lamb.
8. Wholesale chicken has less calories than beef, pork or lamb.
9. Chicken is safe for gluten free and sugar free diets.
10. Chicken can be eaten on a weight loss diet.
11. Wholesale chicken can be used in “heart healthy” recipes.