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Tips for the best BBQ of your life!

Direct Cooking:

This requires that you place the food on the grill rack directly over the heat source, either with or without the lid closed. This method is best used for more tender, thinner, or smaller quick-cooking foods such as burgers, steaks, chops, chicken pieces, and vegetables. For even cooking, turn foods only once during the cooking time.bbq-tips-chicken

Indirect Cooking:
With this method you position the food on the grill rack away from the heat source and with the grill cover closed. Similar to the way an oven roasts, heat inside the grill reflects off the interior surfaces, cooking the food from all sides and eliminating the need to turn the food. This low, slow cooking method is ideal for large foods that take longer to cook, allowing them to cook through without burning.

Here at DJ’s Fine Meats:
We like to mix it up a bit. We start by placing our steak over direct flame – searing the outside and caramelizing any dry-rub or seasoning. We then move the steak to the side or to the upper rack and close the lid – checking it periodically.

Rule of Thumb:

Touch (don’t press) your thumb to one of your fingers on the same hand (use the graphic below to determine which finger).

Then using your other hand press the area under your thumb (as shown by the red arrow in the graphic below).

Then quickly press the steak (careful not to burn your self). When the resistance you feel from the steak matches the area under your thumb the steak is ready to remove from the grill.

After removing the steak let it set under foil for at least five minutes before cutting into (of course a food thermometer works best, but is not always handy).


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