Alabama's Choice for Prime Cuts

DJ’s Fine Meats was established in 2005. Owner/Manager Dave Woodruf has been in the food industry for over 20 years. That experience has allowed DJ’s to specialize in wet and dry-aged USDA Prime and the upper one third of google map

Have you ever wondered why and how steaks and chicken at fine restaurants seem to taste so awesome?

The secret is beginning with top cuts and quality meats such as top choice or prime. Unlike most supermarket cuts, these meats have the best flavor, tenderness, and texture. As such, the only thing missing is some grill expertise and seasoning.

From there, you can be assured you can enjoy the same mouth-watering flavor at home that you pay for at top tier restaurants.

DJ’s mission is to eliminate the gamble
We want to eliminate the gamble you experience in purchasing meats and enable you to enjoy the best steak and chicken money can buy.

dj-store-front2Come on down to DJ’s Fine Meats – we always offer steaks cut to order and complimentary dry-rub seasoning.