Alabama's Choice for Prime Cuts

Heading out? Or just heading tot he freezer?

DJ’s can vacuum seal your purchase so you can toss it right into the cooler and not have to worry about soggy steaks. Our bagged and tagged steaks are ready for the road or the freezer!

Last year, our BBQ died, or should I say, it exploded. After 15 years of stellar service, our kettle style cooker was no more. It’s always tempting to go out an buy a new one, but here we have some tips to make your BBQ last longer and serve you better even as it ages. With a little TLC you can enjoy your favorite outdoor cookery for years to come.

Some Jerks are well, Jerks. The guy who cut you off on the Interstate, the dude who uses two parking spaces at the mall…yep. But…not all Jerks are bad. The ubiquitous Caribbean Jerk is one of the the flavor Champions of BBQ. Marinades can add life and vitality to your next BBQ.

Ever wanted to try something out of the ordinary? DJ’s specializes in helping you create the exotic or exquisite experience you are looking for. We can help you with Elk, Wild Boar, Ostrich, and many more. Please be prepared to buy a case lot – our pricing is of course always competitive.

Call ahead for quick service or large orders so we can better serve you by having your order waiting for you when you arrive. Or, if you prefer to just hang with us and wait, that’s cool too!

DJ’s main phone: (205) 664-7232

Our freezer’s bargain basket holds many items at 25% off. Aged/Seasoned steaks, stuffed chicken breasts and bone-in chops are marked down and ready for the freezer. Next visit, be sure to check out the ol’ bargain basket!